Monday, November 8, 2010

Pakistani and Indian ladies wearing Boots with Long Skirt

Wearing a long skirt with boots is highly appealing. The skirt does not have to be too long, even one that comes 4 inches below knee is good, infact its the perfect kind. Not only does it hide the upper legs, but it just covers the right amount of boot, leaving the rest of the boot visible to the eye. If the lady has meaty thighs, its even better, since such powerful calves help create that right balance between upper and lower body.

There are a lot of Pakistani and Indian ladies who chose to wear boots with skirt in foreign countries like UK. Not only does it help them dress outside of their traditional clothes, but it also provides them with that vital cultural element of covering up.

Knee length boots of any sort can be worn, but black leather boots are the classic type that goes with any dress. If the boots are with a zip, it gives that shiney appearance, however ones with buckles or harness boots are equally good. Even boots with laces are good, though they do tend to take quite some time lacing up.

Skirt of any sort can be worn, but for Pakistani and Indian ladies, I recommend that they wear a skirt with soft fabric, because soft fabric has a certain cultural element that would be relevant to them. Not only that, but soft skirts are usually more comfortable and they drape down better, which accentuates the body figure of the lady. The skirt should be about 3 to 4 inches below knee. This would help hide the upper legs like I said, and also show more of the boots, as well as allowing freedom of movement which would be restricted if the skirt was too long. If a skirt is too short, like a mini skirt, that also restricts the freedom of movement, since the lady would be constantly worried about adjusting it in case it hitches up too high, and if the short skirt is fitted, it would restrict the movement of her thighs.

Floral patterns on the skirt, and especially pink color, or any 'girly' color, makes the lady look even more feminine. If the skirt is worn as a seperate article of clothing, such as with a blouse on top, then it should be made sure that it is securely fastened around the waist. Using a belt is even better but not an absolute necessity.

Some skirts are quite heavy, especially those worn in winter, and when a lady decides to wear them with knee length leather boots with taps on leather sole of the boot, the 'weight' combined with the hardness of the sole tends to leave devestating effects on a soft floor. It also creates that certain sound of a lady walking confidently, so its highly recommended to wear heavy boots with a heavy skirt.

Ladies can even wear knee length lace up doc marten boots, the kind with thick lugged sole and steel toe, and pair them with their knee length skirt. When worn with a floral soft skirt, or with a sundress, it only helps bring out that contrast between the soft and feminine texture of clothing, and the heaviness and ruggedness of the boots. The sundress shows that the lady knows how to dress like a woman full of feminity, yet is full of confidence and is of dominant nature because of her choice of steel toed boots. It shows that she knows how to care and be gentle, yet at the same time she knows how to take care of herself and is willing to explore the world under her boots.

Donning a dupatta over the shoulders with a knee length dress and zip up leather boots shows that 'desi' element. It just looks spectacular. If the boots have a steel tap that goes right in front of the boots and is silver, it gives out that 'dont mess with me' message. It also protects the boots and if anything came in the way, it can easily be kicked away.

Stiletto heeled knee length boots with a soft knee length dress makes the hem of the dress move in that certain feminine manner, which accentuates not mid body and also creates an equilibrium between upper and lower body. Ladies with wide calves look especially good cause they obviously need wide calf boots that look highly intimidating with such a feminine dress. Wearing boots with a really sharp heel constructed from steel would leave nasty marks on wooden floor. They can also cause havoc if the lady accidently steps on someone else's foot. So she'd have to be rather careful while wearing them and see where shes stepping, but regardless, like I said they do look quite intimidating. Its recommended that such boots have a rubber sole on the front, even if the sole is of leather. Any good cobbler can fit a small strip of rubber which would prevent the lady from slipping accidently. Ofcourse if the lady decides to use a footrest while sitting on the sofa with her boots on, she should make sure she doesnt drag her sharp heel over the footrest or the fabric of the footrest might get torn.

Long skirt with boots has a certain appeal to it that can be seen even from far away. A skirt denotes feminity, and when paired with stiletto heeled boots, which are themselve a sign of feminity, it just makes the lady look more ladylike. The swishing and swaying of the skirt, combined with the clicking of the boots, is just breathtaking.

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  1. The traditional clothing plus boots is erotic and exotic at once!